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Sticking to Your Car Service Schedule

Did you know that keeping-up with your car service schedule is one of the best ways to improve the life of your vehicle?

Maintaining a consistent preventative maintenance schedule can help your car last longer. Routine service helps address potential issues in a vehicle before they get too big.

Many car owners simply don’t know the specifics of their car maintenance schedule. Or, what type of service their car requires. Here are a few tips to keep your car running smoothly.

Here are items found in a typical recommended maintenance schedule:



Stick to your oil change schedule to improve gas mileage, and help avoid major engine problems. And, make sure you use the right weight for your engine (for example: 5W30 vs. 10W30).



Get the tires rotated on a consistent basis, so they wear more evenly. Just decide on the right mileage interval for your car, (i.e. every 10,000 miles) and stick to it.



Have your vehicle inspected by a mechanic before the cold winter season, and before taking long road-trips.



If you can’t remember the last time you got your brakes checked, you probably should. Even if they aren’t making any noise yet – it’s just not worth the risk.



Filters play a huge role in your car’s overall performance. Air- and engine-filters keep debris outside, so clean air can circulate throughout your car. Change them often!

Remember, each auto manufacturer recommends unique service intervals for their vehicles. Let myCARFAX help you stay organized and stick to your specific car's service schedule with our convenient and easy to use garage feature. You can load in up to 5 cars and a custom service schedule will appear for each one. You’re able to find maintenance codes for your vehicle as well as an overview of the recommended maintenance schedules.

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